The Left Behinds EP

by Cascabel

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We recorded this EP with Derek Moree. Drums were done at the Red Room in Seattle, and guitars/vocals were done out of The Lowry House. Mastering by the mighty Chris Common. All donations will go straight to us to help pay for merch, gas, burritos, etc.


released February 2, 2011

Recorded and mixed by Derek Moree.
Mastering by Chris Common.
All Music written by Cascabel:
Mathew Chandler, Garrett Gonzales, Nicholas Alzate, Brock Lowry,Nathan Lynch .



all rights reserved


Cascabel Seattle, Washington

Relentlessly agressive, dark hardcore.

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Track Name: Cheated
Stomach in knots, no sleep for us.
Eyes are bloodshot, no sleep for us.
The walls are closing in, and I can't breath.
Crash, break, burn!
The loss of sanity.
Going under, kept afloat by desperate conversation.
The walls are closing in, and I can't breath.
You're not here!
Sometimes it's hard to breath.
I know it kills, so why ask these questions?
Day break: no comfort
Sleep: no relief.
Nightmares confused with reality.
Crash, break, burn!
This is the absence.
Absence of letting go.
I can't do this alone.
Track Name: The Reckoning
Among the ruins.
Fading stories of lives forgotten.
Memories wisp like wind, through these empty streets.
Through the streets of the subconscious.
So burdened by the journey, why then do I look back?
Back to see where I’ve been.
For the very first time I look ahead with a sense of hope!
I lift my tired gaze to the path ahead.
Knowing all that is possible before me.
Buried by the memories.
Confronted by my reflection.
Introspection, has made me who I am.
Swells of darkness.
The sun is shining but there’s clouds in your head.
This existence of tribulation, has made me who I am.
Track Name: The Left Behinds
With every step forward, we loose to tracks in the sand.
The only progress I can see from here is a race towards the end.
These trials are not new, yet history repeats.
All that was said by those who have inspired me has fallen on deaf ears!
We all distance ourselves to make it through each day.
From these truths we cannot hide.
How simple and easy it is to become what you hate.
Track Name: Requiem
Smoldering ruins replace vain symbols of mans prosperity.
This earth is finite, it’s heart is cold.
Burn it!
Rapists burn it.
Killers burn it.
Liars burn it.
She has waited patiently but free will has forced his hand.
The number's up, the fix is in!
Fire rains after the flood.
We’ve done this wrong again.
Burn it!
Abusers burn it.
Adulterers burn it
Addicts burn it.
Track Name: Dweller On The Threshold
Scared, burdened, and buried beneath.
Shift through the ashes of what could be.
Caught in the confines of a stagnant routine.
This lack of progression is killing me.
There simply has to be more to life than this.
I can solve every problem but my own.
If misery loves company then why am I alone?
In this place there will be much weeping and the gnashing of teeth.
You said you did, but do you know what’s best for me?
I tried so hard, to be what you need.
I am the dweller on the threshold.
I Desperately need to make some new, good memories.
Memories haunting me.